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The Beijing Language and Cultural University Guesthouse is centrally located at the university. Situated inside the university, it is safe, comfortable and very clean. The guesthouse is just a few minutes from the Beijing Metro, a fast economic transportation system.

BLCU Guesthouse arranges for either double or individual rooms. A central utilities area is close by for clothes washing, drying, microwaving and heating food. Shower and toilets are more than adequate. The shared-rooms provide one bathroom with shower and toilet. The single room bath is the same size, but with only one student in the room.

Internet is available in all rooms, and speed is sufficient for most academic work.
Just outside the university gate, there are many inexpensive, international restaurants, fast foods, not-so-inexpensive restaurants, and retail shop. Taxis are inexpensive for short trips, and bicycling is very possible.

Living Costs Per Semester

Housing: Utilities, Internet and visa application fee are included

* Double room: USD 1,415
* Single room: USD 2,654

Deposit: RMB 600  (Around USD100)

Meals: USD 885 (At campus cafe)

Internet: USD 74

Local Insurance: USD 46

Transportation: USD 185

Books: USD 100

BLCU housing website:





Swimming Pool

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